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 Matt Black Creative is the home of independent filmmaker Matt Black. Matt has worked in the film, television and media industry for over two decades as an editor, writer, producer and director.


Documentary Film

Support and Collaboration

Whether you’re a seasoned professional working on a feature film or newbie trying to produce your first 2 minute short, I can help you with your doc in a variety of ways. I offer consulting services that can move you from passion to action plan. I’m available to untangle a rough cut or doctor a script and I can connect you with the talent and crew you need to make your film a reality.

Branded Content

Stories for Business and Non-Profits

Traditional advertising is becoming less and less effective in today’s over-saturated media landscape. The future is providing valuable content that people actually want to watch that’s also associated with your brand and it’s values. I can help you strategize ways to reach people on an emotional level and build meaningful, on-going relationships with your target audience.

Video Production

Projects and Collaborations

I’ve worked on just about every kind of media project out there. I love collaborating with talented media professionals on great projects. I also work directly with businesses and non-profits and offer full-service production. I can help take your project from the back of a napkin to any screen you can imagine. If you need a writer, editor, director or producer for your project, you’ve come to the right place.

About Matt

I’ve been working in film & television for a couple of decades now as a writer, director, producer and editor on a huge variety of projects from feature films and TV shows to commercials and branded content.

I have a masters degree in documentary film from Stanford University. After graduating, I founded a production company in San Francisco called Group 301 with fellow alums Dave Kneebone and Mark Rinehart. We did work for high-tech media startups, co-produced a TV pilot for a travel adventure show called Odyssey: Drive Around the World (Nat Geo Channel), and did some particularly fun and creative work for McSweeney’s–a small indy publisher.

After some time I moved back to my home town of Salt Lake City, got married, and set up a boutique video production company called Matt Black Creative. During that time I edited a narrative feature film called The Cyclist, and began work on a documentary called Bright Spark. I also helped my wife Amanda run an experimental art space called Stolen & Escaped.

We spent a few years hopping around the West. We lived in Seattle where I worked as a producer for a daily TV show called Seattle Refined, producing stories about food, travel, music and a whole host of other interesting things. We later moved to Boulder, CO where I spent much of my time working with a digital agency called IB5k on non-profit and political media.

Recently, we moved back to our hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah.