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 Matt Black Creative is the professional home of independent filmmaker Matt Black. Matt has worked in the film, television and media industry for over two decades as an editor, writer, producer and director.

About Matt

Matt Black

Matt Black

Matt grew up in the American West and has lived his whole life in its major cities, from Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City to San Francisco, Seattle and now Boulder, Colorado. He has a passion for Western landscapes and stories.

His professional network extends beyond these key Western cities and states across the country. In the last couple of years he’s done work in North and South Carolina, Missouri, Washington D.C. and New York as well as closer to home in New Mexico, Arizona, California, Montana, Utah and Colorado.

Matt also works on a variety of creative projects. He’s currently finishing a feature documentary called Art+Belief. His experimental work has shown in galleries and other venues across the country. He co-produced and edited a narrative feature film called The Cyclist and has several other projects in development. You can learn more about Matt’s creative work at

I've been working in film & television for a couple of decades now as a writer, director, producer and editor on a huge variety of projects from feature films and TV shows to commercials and branded content.

I have a masters degree in documentary film from Stanford University. After graduating, I founded a production company in San Francisco called Group 301 with fellow alums Dave Kneebone and Mark Rinehart. We did work for high-tech media startups, co-produced a TV pilot for a travel adventure show called Odyssey: Drive Around the World (Nat Geo Channel), and did some particularly fun and creative work for McSweeney's--a small indy publisher.

After some time I moved back to my home town of Salt Lake City, got married, and set up a small production company called Matt Black Creative. During that time I edited a narrative feature film called The Cyclist, and began work on a documentary called Art + Belief. I also helped my wife Amanda run an experimental art space called Stolen & Escaped.

We also lived Seattle for a couple of years where I worked as a producer for a daily TV show called Seattle Refined, producing stories about food, travel, music and a whole host of other interesting things.

Recently, we moved to Colorado where Amanda is pursuing her PhD in English at CU Boulder. We love being back in the Rocky Mountains and are excited to take advantage of all the recreation opportunities here.


Case Studies & Selected Works

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